Enterprise Systems

Mutual Fund Applications

With over 20 years experience working with the leading mutual fund companies in New England GSC has designed, architected and implemented many sophisticated web based mutual fund applications. We developed a performance measurement system that calculated and compared gross and net returns of mutual funds against industry standard and client defined blended benchmarks. The system allowed the client to select any time period, and graph the returns as either absolute returns or relative to selected benchmarks. The system allowed the client to drill down and show the performance of securities held by each fund, individually or grouped by sector.

GSC has developed mutual fund reconciliation systems to reconcile cash and positions between clients and custodial banks, money market confirmation systems used to handle money movements between client, cash banks, and custodian accounts, general ledger accounting systems, and derivatives pricing systems.

Mutual Fund Applications

Banking and Insurance

GSC has developed custom software for the commercial loans and trust systems of some of the largest banks in the country. In addition, we have managed the mergers between banks of their Installment Loans, Personal Lines of Credit, Cash Reserve and Overdraft Protection of DDA Accounts, Collection systems, Trust Systems, and Treasury systems.

We've also participated in the re-engineering of the premium and loss systems and reinsurance accounting systems of one of the largest insurance companies in the company.


Sales and Marketing

GSC has been involved with sales force automation systems since our very first client over 25 years ago. Since then, we've deployed point of sales systems for retail businesses, custom sales force automation systems integrated into enterprise systems of corporate clients, and sales systems integrated with order entry, inventory, billing and accounting for telemarketing clients. We evaluate each customer's unique business needs to select the appropriate retail POS system or custom application necessary to fit the unique needs of large enterprises.

Sales Growth